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Periodic Table European Riviera


Open to the Public • 33400 Catamount Dr, Steamboat Springs • (970) 457-1224

Welcome to the Periodic Table


Not "bound" to a single style or cuisine, The Periodic Table explores the great dining periods and locales of the world. As the latest addition to the Destination Hospitality restaurant group, this transformative dining experience entirely reinvents itself each Winter and Summer season, pairing exciting thematic destinations with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

Summer in the Subtropics

European Riviera at The Periodic Table

Venture with us along the luxurious European Riviera as we explore the exceptional cuisine of the subtropics. Rendezvous with a vivid and flavorful fare – including Mediterranean seafood and cured meats accessorized with tasteful herbs and aromatics – inspired by the bright coastlines and countrysides of Barcelona, Monaco, Naples and beyond!


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We're Hiring!

We know success is driven by a talented team. We are seeking creative, career-minded individuals looking to learn and work with our growing group of hospitality professionals. Apply Now »

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Meet the GM

Jenny Knickerbocker, General Manager
(970) 457-1224 • jenny@periodicsteamboat.com